VR Box Virtual Reality Glasses Review with Use Guideline

 VR Box Virtual Reality Glasses Review with Use Guideline

VR box means a virtual reality box. With a VR box virtual reality glasses, you can experience an amazing 3D view in real life. Virtual reality (VR) headsets are mostly used with video games but they are also used in other applications, including simulators and trainers. Some VR headsets also have eye-tracking sensors, remote controllers, or gaming controllers. We will share today VR box virtual reality glasses review. Let’s start!

What is a VR Box ?

A virtual reality headset is given to the buyer which is a head-mounted device that provides virtual reality for the wearer. First, you have to select any 360 videos on YouTube or any other source and open the video. On most of the mobiles, you can find the cardboard icon on the video by touching on that icon the video gets splits into two halves. Now you can place your smartphone in a virtual reality headset and enjoy the VR experience of 360 videos.

VR Box Virtual Reality Glasses Review

There are a number of different VR box on the market at the moment, ranging from affordable to expensive. Also, some of these VR devices are more accessible than others. Google Cardboard, for example, is not only cheap, but due to the fact that it has been developed for use with a smartphone, just about anyone can experience Virtual Reality easily.

VR box virtual reality glasses types

There are many type of vr box virtual reality glasses. But most popular are

  • Oculus quest box
  • Google cardbox VR
  • Bobovr z4
  • VR shine virtual reality glasses
  • HTC Vive box
  • Oculus rift s box
  • Sony PlayStation VR

Oculus Quest Box and Oculus Rift S Box

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Simply set up the Oculus quest box or Oculus rift s box device with your Oculus mobile app and Oculus Quest and Oculus rift s box has everything you need to explore VR, start to enjoy!

  • Insight tracking: Oculus quest or Oculus rift s box Insight tracking system instantly reflects your movements in VR without the need for any other external accessories
  • Touch controllers: Oculus quest or Oculus rift s box has touch controllers precisely recreate your hands, their gestures, and interactions, so in every game, you can feel it real enough with a touch
  • Beyond room-scale: Oculus Quest box and Oculus rift s box works with your environment, so you can play standing or sitting, in big or small spaces of your house.
  • Account to log in: Oculus Quest requires your Facebook account to log in, Oculus Quest makes it easy to meet up with friends in VR and discover communities, and build more connectivity around the world.

Customer Review on Average:

Google Cardbox VR

(Image credit: Amazon)

Google Cardbox VR isn’t a standalone headset but also a group of cheap VR headsets made from cardboard. It’s one of the best ways to give VR (Virtual Reality) a go without spending money. The Google Cardboard headsets are cheaper than any other brand of VR box. Google cardboard are

  • Very cheap price
  • Easy to use 
  • A fun way to get into VR
  • Some assembly required
  • Cardboard isn’t the most durable material

Customer Review on Average:

Bobovr z4

(Image credit: Amazon)

The Bobovr has various models. They are


But BOBOVR Z4 is more popular than others. The BOBOVR Z4 is compatible with Android and IOS systems enabled mobile. Just plug in a regular smartphone and you can simulate a private movie theater instantly using BOBOVR Z4. Lying at home to see IMAX 3D directly with using this BOBOVR Z4. it can simulate the real scene of the moon, Mars, the Forbidden City, the seaside, Jurassic Park, or any other scene, etc. Make a nice Experience with exciting games like a roller coaster, live CS, and big pendulum clock, etc. They are:

  • One Button To Open: 35° half-opening design to protect the smartphone.
  • Fit Phone Perfectly: Two-way tray to prevent the smartphone from shaking.
  • Automatic Positioning: Setup of the centerline once only, easy operation for automatic positioning.
  • Flexible Material: Made of flexible material to protect the screen of your phone.

Customer Review on Average:

VR Shine Virtual Reality Glasses

(Image credit: Amazon)

VR SHINECON 3D VR Headset Virtual Reality Glasses are one of the popular and most selling devices. It has soft sponge on the inside which will protect your screen or phone case from getting scratched! Use this VR box for peace of mind. They are

  • Stylish Design:It has an adjustable ergonomic T-shaped strap for reducing 30% pressure around your eyes, no dizziness, and fatigue when you using this 3D VR viewing glasses.
  • Light-weight & Comfortable: The device is lightweight and breathable and has a soft leather protector that treats your face like a baby’s skin, an appropriate cutout for a nose that helps you breathe comfortably.
  • Adjustable Pupil and Focal Distance:An adjustable focal and pupil distance will give you the best immersive virtual reality experience.

Customer Review on Average:

HTC Vive Box

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HTC Vive box is no stranger to VR, just when VR was beginning to have a resurgence. Get the best VR headset for immersive experiences. They are 

  • Smooth graphics with little latency
  • Touch controllers are easy to use and highly adaptable to the HTC Vive box
  • Large game library
  • Requires a lot of space and electrical outlets to use
  • No built-in audio

Customer Review on Average:

Sony PlayStation VR

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If you have a PS4 or PS4 Pro, then Sony PlayStation VR is one of the more affordable ways to play VR games, especially given that you don’t need an expensive gaming PC. Yet with the initiative move controllers and movement tracking, you are still getting a rather high-end VR experience with this Sony PlayStation VR. It has

  • Fairly easy setup
  • Good gaming library
  • Relatively affordable
  • The camera can be very exacting
  • Could be visually sharper

Customer Review on Average:

Hope you read the VR box virtual reality glasses review which will help you to buy the best device for you.

VR box virtual reality glasses Price Comparison

Sl NoDevice nameCompatible PlatformPriceBuy Now
01Oculus Quest 25.46 inch Phone$299.0Amazon
02Google Cardboardup to 6 inches Phone$9.90Amazon
03Bobovr z44.0 – 6.0 inch Phone$299.0Amazon
04VR shine virtual reality glasses4.7 – 6.0 inch Phone$24.99Amazon
05Oculus rift s boxWindows 10 PC$399.0Amazon
06Sony PlayStation VRPlayStation 4$299.0Amazon
07HTC Vive CosmosWindows, 3.4 inch$699.99Amazon

How to choose the best VR box virtual reality glasses?

Buying a VR headset will be divided roughly into two categories: a full VR setup or a beginner’s exploration of computer game.

The latter may be as easy as reading a Google Cardboard headset, downloading some apps on your smartphone, popping your phone into the headset, and getting started. the previous requires plenty more consideration.

If you’re going for a strong VR setup then you would liketo think about whether you have got the space for room-scale VR, which frequently requires an outsized amount of empty square space, say a giant spare room. If you’ve got less space, then you’ll still enjoy VR at a smaller scale or maybe accept that you’ll be sitting down once you use it; for flight simulators, this may be ideal.

Next up, you’ll have to consider the specs of the desktop or laptop you propose to use your VR headset with. the most effective experiences require a robust gaming PC so VR environments are rendered realistically and run smoothly to stop you from getting too motion sick.

Some VR games and apps aren’t too demanding meaning you’ll away with a fairly well-specced PC. But if you’re investing in an exceedingly high-end headset just like the Valve Index, then you’ll need a powerful PC backing it up. Check the above VR box virtual reality glasses with a price chart to buy the perfect device.

And there’s also the PS VR headset to contemplate, which is Sony’s dedicated headset for the PS4 and PS4 Pro. this could offer a fairly straightforward way into VR gaming, but it’s also limited to the games the console can support, which aren’t exactly prolific.

VR box virtual reality glasses how to use

You will get a clear idea on VR box virtual reality glasses how to use if you see the below video carefully.

Video for how to set up and use VR Box Virtual reality Glasses or VR headset with Android phones

I hope this VR box virtual reality glasses review post helps you to choose or buy the best VR box virtual reality glasses for you. Don’t forget to see the video of VR box virtual reality glasses how to use them. If have any query on VR box virtual reality glasses, just comments below. Thanks

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