Configuring PC with Antsig Wireless Extender

 Configuring PC with Antsig Wireless Extender

The Antsig Wireless Extender offers you three basic functions of the access point, universal repeater, or wifi router. It has the power to boost wireless coverage in your home or office. Moreover, the router strengthens the connection after the setup with the help of the WPS quick connect option. It simply expands the network of the current wireless network coverage that can eliminate any dead spot from your house or even from the backyards. As you know that it has three basic functions from which the access point can connect with Ethernet cable from the existing router and helps to find out a new location.

The function of the repeater mode directly allows expanding the signal range by using the wireless connection without the use of the cables. In the router mode, it simply connects to the modem and another router and it gives you control to the device. With the simple antsig wifi range extender setup via web user interface or smartphone. Moreover, the range extender does not require any additional app for the configuration of the device.

How to configure the Antsig Wireless Extender Via Network IP address?

You can use the computer or laptop device for the configuration by using the network IP address. It is the best wifi range extender that simply stretches the network connection and is perfect for the small office and the home network. It is basically a wifi range extender that makes the combination of the wired or wireless network connection. It allows its users to expand the range connection by connecting to multiple devices. Here is the idea that can configure the extender by using the network IP address.

First of all, log on to the computer device and then click on the start button and then tap on the control panel. After that choose to view the network status and the tasks and then tap to manage the network connection. Therefore right-click on the LAN network and its properties. Hence a window appears on your computer screen where you have to select internet protocol version four and then click on its properties. Then you need to set up the IP address of the antsig extender manually where the default IP address is 192.168.10.x, the subnet mask is Now enter the LAN IP address into the default gateway field.

Configuration of Antsig Wireless Extender Via Web Browser 

It is the base of the wireless configuration so kindly tap on the wireless button and then click on the basic settings that should be located at the web management interface. It requires the network name and the channel to communicate with the wireless setting of the extender. Moreover, the access point of the Antsig extender can be set up simply and configured with maximum setting items of the device. Also, you can turn on or off the mode of the wireless repeater or access point function of the extender. It basically supports the access point or the repeater mode. However, it can be connected to the main identifier name of the wireless network. 

How to change the Antsig Wireless Extender management password?

After the ap.setup Wavlink login, you can set the default password as ADMIN. The password is displayed on the prompts of the login screen when you access it by using the web user interface. If you don’t change the wifi password then it can create a secure password that everyone can see your password and access the internet connection without your prior permission. So, in that case, it raises the question of changing the password. But you don’t know how to change the password. Here is a solution to your query.

In order to change the password, tap on the management button and then select the password option via the web management interface. In case you keep the default password unchanged then press the reset button. Consequently, click on the apply changes button and then the range extender will restart. The password is changed successfully. 

How to upgrade the firmware of the Antsig Wireless Extender?

Every system requires an update after a particular period of time. That’s why it is called the firmware upgrade. You can replace the old application with the new one or an even better one. After the update, your device gets modified and you get advanced features and fix the bugs of your device as well.
In order to upgrade the firmware of the device, click on the management button and then choose the firmware update option. Henceforth click browse and then you are redirected to provide the filename of the upgraded file. Therefore, install the latest version of the firmware from antsig’s official website and select the firmware file. After that, click on the upload button and the range extender will start to upgrade the firmware process. During the process, you need to be patient as it takes some time to complete the procedure of the firmware. 

Final Words

You can easily get Antsig Wireless Extender from an online shopping portal or store. Provides fast and long-distance coverage at your home, offices, or builfding. This device helps to remove the dead zone area. Other details can be available with one click.


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