Configuration Settings of the Dlink WiFi Extender

 Configuration Settings of the Dlink WiFi Extender

The Dlink WiFi extender is the best wifi device that automatically helps to find the best wifi location for optimal wifi coverage throughout the house. It provides easy setup steps with the help of a mobile app and can help to fill the home network with a fast and secure wifi connection. As the dlink range extender is big and powerful and removes all the dead spots by accessing every small room of the house. Well, you can directly plug the range extender into the wall outlet to get the device into working condition. The LED lights after the dlink wifi extender setup will be turned on and will indicate a connection between the router and the range extender.

When the green light is clear on the device then it indicates a good wifi connection. When a red or amber LED is visible on the range extender then your device is facing a poor or no wifi connection. As it has a dual-band wifi design that you can configure to meet the requirement of the network situation.

Dlink WiFi Extender’s Major Configuration Settings 

The major wifi settings of the range extender simply help to extend the network connection. You can access the settings of the page after the setup and login into the administration account. For the quick setup, you have two simple options. Either you can choose the QRS Mobile app and complete the configuration with your mobile device or another one is to use the web-based setup that requires a username and the password that directly provides access to manage the settings. Here you go through the settings that you will find on the drop-down menu on the top of the windows page. After making changes to the settings, click save and then return to the home page.

Change into the existing wifi network of the dlink range extender

Well, you can change the settings of the existing wifi connection but first, you need to choose the type of existing wifi network. It can be a wifi connection or via Ethernet cable. In case you select the wifi connection then simply set the SSID network name by pressing on the scan button into the available network connections. For the wifi password, simply enter the password and then connect the range extender to the uplink network connection. Now change into the settings of the 2.4 GHz wifi network band, either you can enable it or disable it.

By tapping on the SSID network name, it will rebroadcast the uplink wifi range extender’s connection under the SSID name of the network. Moreover, you can set this connection manually to extend the network. Therefore, enter the network key or the wifi password that you want to use to extend the network connection. Along with that, you can select the wifi channel for the use of the network, channel width that you want this network to use.

Dlink Wireless Range extender’s Network settings

In the network settings of the click on the drop-down menu to configure the settings of the device. Therefore, click on the Save button after you made a change to the setting of the wifi network connection. Well, in the network settings, you can change the URL name of the dlink wifi range extender in the text box. In order to access the configuration utility then change the URL name then firstly you have to enter dlinkap.local into the address bar of your preferred internet browser.

Advanced Settings of the normal range extender

In the advanced settings, the page allows you to configure both IPv4 and IPv6 settings that are used to extend the network connection. Into the IPv4 device, the management section chooses between the Static IP or Dynamic IP address. If you select Dynamic IP then enter the Static IP address and then enter the subnet mask, gateway address, primary or secondary DNS server. To obtain the IPv6 management section automatically receives the IP address then you need to obtain the DNS server. Hence, select the DNS server information and configure the settings manually. For the manual settings, enter the primary and the secondary DNS server.

Final Words

The Dlink WiFi extender simply helps to rebroadcast both 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network channels. Its wifi signal pushes to reach the outer areas as well. Overall, if you want to extend the network connection then configure the settings of the range extender. You can easily buy this product from online stores as well as electronic shops. The best performance and easy access are available for the user. If you have to buy a new range extender device then try for it. Definitely, you will get the best result from this device. Users can easily control or access this extender device. If you face any kind of trouble in the working then you can easily contact with the officials for more details and information for troubleshooting.

The review for the Dlink WiFi extender device is positive and in the favor of this product. In the case of physical damage, you need to buy a new one. If facing any internal error then you can replace it. Very low rate when users face any kind of issue. The physical body of this extender device is strong and it does not break easily.

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