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We operate androidflux.com website as technology news based. We share gadgets, reviews, updated android tips, games, tech news, etc. Visit the site regularly by using your android smartphone or iPhone, tablet, iPad, laptop, or computer. Read our article and keep yourself updated on this new digital era!

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Hasan Khaled

Admin/ Chief Editor

I am a web developer especially a WordPress expert. Completed Bsc in engineering from a reputed public university of Bangladesh named RUET. I love blogging and freelancing. Do you need a professional website or blog, an eCommerce site for your business? just contact us for a FREE quote or visit: https://site.xtreme-look.com

Aysha Siddika


If you want to join as an Content/ Article writer, you can contact us though our contact page.

Our Other Services:

  1. Web Design and Developing
  2. WordPress site customization
  3. Website maintenance/ Transfer/ Hacking Malware Remove
  4.  SEO (Seach Engine Optimization For Google Ranking)- Monthly Service
  5. Product Background Photo Remove
  6. Data Entry for Your Website
  7. Content Writing for your Website (SEO Optimized)
  8. Full E-commerce solutions
  9. Affiliate Website Developing
  10. Website Speed Optimization etc.

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